This blog is for anyone who finds it important to be any combination of Positive, Healthy and Fit. I have discovered these three things keep me happy and looking forwards to the future. I think it's important in anyone's life for them to be as happy as possible and I'm using this Tumblr to help if possible. I'm going to post images and just thoughts on all of these things. I'm not a professional in fitness or anything (though I eventually might be) But I'm willing to talk about what I've done and plan to do. This is for men and women, part of the reason I made my display picture what it is is that it's not gender specific so no one will think this is for a specific sex. I want to talk, bounce ideas and people feel free to send in pictures of where you used to be, are now and example pictures of what you want. I believe in getting there the healthy way and hope to meet people with similar ideas.

11th June 2012

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THIS is EXACTLY what I am doing this for. A lot of people- myself included- have this distorted sense of beauty, but that’s what this movement is working to change. I’m doing all these challenges and working hard to strengthen myself both physically and mentally. I want to be able to fully accept myself and my body and to be happy with who I am and what I look like. I’m slowly getting to that point- it’s tough and it’ll surely take time, but I’m determined to get there. We’re all beautiful the way we are, and it’s beautiful that we can push ourselves and be the best that we can be. It’s beautiful that we have passion about exercise and our health. It’s beautiful that we strive for our goals. It’s beautiful that we’re determined and will never give up. Every step of the way is beautiful. 

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